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Merry Christmas to Me!

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After months of research and negotiations I finally made the plunge today and purchased a new V. It's Infrared with Ebony and is one sharp a_ _ car. Although I really loved my 2005 Crimson Pearl w/Shale that I traded, I just know that I'm going to love the V a whole lot more. It's awesome!!

What made the decision for me was the final price. I tell you, if you ever want to get a great price on a convertible, buy it in December. GM and the dealers are really motivated to make a sale. And to top it off, I got a great price (relatively speaking) on my trade. The net was, of course, was my primary concern. But I also made sure that I purchased for a dealer that is knowledgeable about XLR's and has the service/technical staff to support me after the sale. Finally, I got $2,000 credit from using the points from my GM credit card.

If GM had priced these cars correctly in the first place they would be flying off the lots. At 100 G's the V is $15,000 to $20,000 over priced. Sure, it's an outstanding car that has an MSRP $25,000 below the SL AMG, it's primary competition. But what GM forgot is that MB has been making and selling SL's for thirty years or more and it's got a great reputation. Cadillac needs to earn a reputation for it's V cars, and that will take years. To do that they need to get these cars off dealer lots and into the hands of customers at prices that are fair and reasonable. That's how you build brand loyalty which ultimately translates into premium pricing.

Anyway, as soon as my excitment dies down a little, I'm going to start on some of the modifications and upgrades that others have done. My first project will be the Mild 2 Wild exhaust baffle control. I'm also going to have the car tuned at a local dyno/speed shop with the goal of picking up an additional 10% in hp (500 is a nice round number and puts you right there with a Z06). In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy my new V for what it is - - a fantastic looking technological wonder with great features and performance characteristics.

Thanks to all of you who helped me make the decision.

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It's an 06 with 20 miles on it.

The negotiations were long and sometimes heated, and I don't want to compromise the efforts of the three dealers I worked with. But I can say that after all rebates, allowances and other crazy adjustments that go on in the car business it was in the mid-70's.
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