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rick1827 said:
That's how is always is with a new model. Look at the MB SL500. When the new model came out you could not get one. Now they are practically giving them away.
Understand, but the point I wanted to make is that sales in May '04 would have been much higher had more been available. So while actual sales may be up 36%, it's not a acurate growth figure.

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A fine line!

Jiminy Christmas!

The difference between not enough XLRs and too many is 420-333=87 cars?

That's not even two cars per state! I can't believe the line is THAT fine.

I think GM is not adequately advertising the XLR, and the folks are smarting from this long stretch of high fuel prices.

Yours truly is working on the supply side of the fuel price game, guys! Just returned from Calgary where I showed my newly patented gizmo that dramatically increases recoverable reserves from most wells. (Its almost as good as turning water into oil.)

If it catches on maybe prices will start to edge down. I got lots of interest by independent operators in Alberta. This week Gulf of Mexico operators. Next stop: Venezuela.

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What advertising?

I see Mercedes ads in every magazine and on billboards (NYC) etc.

With the exception of the Super Bowl, and the 3 under 5 ads (about 2 seconds of XLR air time) I have NEVER seen an XLR ad!

I don't think Caddilac/GM has the vaguest clue about marketing the XLR (or many of their other vehicles)!

Most of their ads are about pricing, not product.

What a shock that everyone says "GM doesn't have any good products" --how would anyone know?

I know all about Lexus's SUV's directional turning headlights BECAUSE THEY ADVERTISE IT!

Imagine if the world actually knew what the XLR has inside!

Have any of you met anyone who knows that the xlr has heads-up display, sonar-cruise control or cooled (barely) seats? Every person whose been in my car has been blown away, usually saying: "I didn't know that these features exist!"

My dealer's gone under, and now I'm worried that GM may go under before my lease expires Jan 08'. I'm sure GMAC will still want the payments for a vehicle that, amongst millions, may be impossible to service :eek .

I won't lose any sleep over it, but its pretty scary how badly these guys sell their products! If I ran my business like that, I wouldn't have one.

Oh well, at least its Friday :cheers

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