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I have a pending order for the XLR but am really concerned about the long term price support for the car. I live in a small town; my dealer will only get 1 car (mine) and so I will pretty well buy it sight unseen. For those of you who live in bigger towns where the car is actually available, what is the general situation like regarding pricing. I realize right now the demand far exceeds supply, but do you generally feel that the car is perceived as equal to the SL? What kind of waiting lists and dealer premiums are you seeing? To any dealer readers, are you seeing a new breed of buyer or are they mostly loyal GM buyers just upgrading.

Secondly, I would appreciate feedback on colour. The blue looks great in pictures but of course it is the real thing that counts. Is it a light enough colour that I can live with as a daily driver or is it almost a black which means constant washing. Has anyone seen the silver (light platinum) with tan hides, or does that colour need the black insides?
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