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Map Database Reporting

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I've been using this XLR nav system for sometime. I have noticed that in some areas; POI's, address's, phone numbers, the actual road data is missing or incorrect. I want to create a thread that lists all of these map items. After reading the manual it states that road data can be incorrect, ok, then how is it fixed? Anyways I would like to have members post any items that they have found incorrect with the map data. There is some key info that should be included.

1. Map DVD part number or Version Number.
2. Location, City, State, cross streets or address's.
3. Any other detail.

Item #1
Version 3.0/25767790
14230 S 87th Ave, Orland park, IL, is not on the map, the road segment is missing.

Item #2
Version 3.0/25767790
I-94 East in Kalamazoo, MI, the Rest stop no longer exist before 131.
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Apparently they didn't drive toward downtown Los Angeles from the East. I don't remember the exact transition, but will drive it again next month. The Nav voice said bear right to the correct freeway but bearing left was the correct path. I'll check it out around Xmas on my way back from Huntington Beach.
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