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Magnetic suspension

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I am curious to know about your experiences with the magnetic ride suspension system. Is it reliable?troublefree? any problems? Does it is do what it is suppose to do? Can you tell the difference between sport and touring modes? Do you recommend it for these terrible torn up roads full of potholes over the base suspension? On a Corvette the replacement costs on these shocks is as follows: Front $589 each Rear $500 each. Is this type of suspension ride worth those replacement costs for us people that like to hang onto our cars for the long haul?? I am trying to decide if I want this as the suspension as they give you 3 choices to pick from on a Corvette and I know Cadillac comes standard with this feature and has been out longer with the XLR? :thumbs
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Great stuff - Magnetic ride control

Works great on the XLR, soft when cruising, stiffens when needed (are we really talking about shocks here?), but would hesitate to advance how well it would work on a 'vette. Y'see, XLR's have this computer that learns how each person drives....

Not only that, the C5 'vette and earlier are larger, and (I assume) heavier. I know the new C6s have the system.

But you could be your own R&D project, and let us know how it works out. I personally wouldn't do it until the old shocks need replacement. Not sure you'd get your money's worth.
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