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For those thinking of allowing Lund Performance to accessorize your vehicle (and missed the "Rides" show on NG) here's an example of their work........More like Pimp My Ride.
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A Word: Hideous
And Aviator was dissed...

...for putting a gold package on our Xenon Blue XLR. :eek :rolleyes :nono

What's up with those orange striped wheels anyway? The automotive equivalent of Air Jordans? I think the Lund custom needs one of those long CB antennae, a tennis ball, and a little rainbow flag like the rig that once adorned mswaim's crimson pearl. ;)

I agree with Lady Phoenix. :yesnod

Someone has too much money and not enough taste. :puke

But I still like the pipes...
What's interesting about the pipes is the fact they didn't use the one-piece rectangular unit they sell to the general public (for $1,200).
Chip Foose XLR

I saw the Rides show on TLC. This was show where Chip Foose (My opinion) butchered and XLR and SRX. I seem to recall that a far amount of wind tunnel time was done on the XLR for cooling. I wonder if the was even look into. Also with the changes to the suspension what happens with magnetic ride control.

I guess the botton line is that these car's are for show, Not folks who like to drive them ---- Robin

PS the cars on the show were supplied by Lund Cadillac
When I saw the XLR on rides I was very interested to see how they would modify it. Boy was I dissapointed.

In the interest of trying to make the car look better, they destroyed the drivability. If you read my rantings on custom wheels, you might understand why after seeing what they did to the XLR. Imagine the poor guy who ends up with this car. The magnaride shocks have been removed, the car lowered, the speedo and traction control no longer work as designed, and the car rides like a dump truck. All because they wanted it to look better?

I bet the thing overheats. This car is going to need 25K worth of repairs before you could even think of selling it. Did Lund do all of that just for some TV time or to be associated with FOOSE? I also wonder what happened to the warranty?
I would bet you the warranty went out the window the moment they began their project.

I believe Lund not only supplied the vehicles but they also supplied the financing for the project, but allowed Foose creative control.
So, in the end what do they really have? A very expensive XLR (Foose does not come cheap) that has no drivablility and could only be sold as is to a collector at a very steep lose.

I am familar with the advertising as it relates to shows like RIDES. I bet Lund also paid big bucks to the producers of the show on top of the Foose charges just to be showcased on the show. I hope they sell a lot of parts, but that's hard to believe given the low production numbers of the XLR.

By the way, I never once have seen the car with the top down since the modifications. I wonder if putting on the stainless ruined that also.
Hmm.. I think somebody was thinking "Biarritz"...
Just received a e-mail from Lund and they should change their name to Lungs, cause that's what you go for to buy anything from them. The actual e-mail was as follows: Box sell price is $1295.00 plus freight, install price is $1895.00 plus tax.
What the hell are they thinking? $600 dollars to weld the exhaust tip on?. I hate to think what the freight would be on those tips or tip.........Dah!
If I get the new V, I will go there and buy the exhaust tip and bring it home and have my muffler guy put in on for next to nothing. Then I will check myself into the nearest funny farm.
I don't understand LUND at all. They want to be a leader in aftermarket Cadillac yet dealing with them is a joke. When I wanted to change wheels on my XLR I contacted them because they offered a set on thier website that I liked. It took 3 emails and two phone calls just to talk to someone about them. Even then I got some slack jawed "I don't give a damm" service department person who could of cared less if I bought or not. He knew absolutly nothing about the product and could not direct me to someone who did. On top of that they quoted me a price right around double what anyone else was charging.

They really are a strange group.
Hey Rick, Don't feel badly, I was treated in the same fashion.

BOYCOT..........BOYCOT............BOYCOT..........BOYCOT.....................Did I mention BOYCOT?
Anyone in Southern California might want to try Tires Buy Mark on Topanga Canyon Bl., in Canoga Park. His prices are on tires and wheels are about the best around because he doesn't belong to a franchise or other such middleman. Anyway, he owns an XLR (I posted pics of his 2004 Thunder Gray XLR and wheels some time ago) and I can't recommend him too much.
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