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We were cleaning the XLR this morning and noticed how extremely well the black stainless steel lower air intake “grille gard” has performed on our ’05 XLR. It’s the one we obtained from Mr. XLR 1 ½ years ago

Apart from wanting to share the fact that the preceding product has performed extremely well for us, we found ourselves wondering if that grille on the ’07 XLRs continues to be made of plastic. If so, then it’s still a terrible design flaw because small flying road debris inevitably breaks the plastic and it looks awful when that happens.

Best regards,
Ed and Sandra

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Lower Air Intake on Base XLR

Thanks for the nice comment on the Grille_Gard, if you didnt know it was a 2005 XLR owner that came up with the idea for the gard and his company is the mfg of the product.

Cadilac and GM have looked at the product and agree it takes care of a niche market. It's funny how the sales run almost 50/50 between the brushed stainless look and the black urethane stainless.

It always seems to be a matter of time, not if you should get it, but when should you get it. The 2007 & upcoming 2008 models will have the same soft flexible air intake, that is prone to a rock or any other object to break through it.

Again Thank you
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