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Hi guys,

I'd like to buy an XLR and keep it till the XLR-V comes out, but it would be silly due to the amount of taxes I'd pay.

I'd like to lease one short term, but that could be very expensive too.

But if there's someone out there who needs to get out of their lease, maybe I could take it over for them.

Thanks. =)

Wow, that's a bummer Joan, sorry you have to give it up. I'd give up my Platnium 04 while waiting for my V, but I have the pink slip.


Joan Waterbury said:
:cry Unfortunately, I have to get out from under the payments... 04 Crimson pearl,5,500 mi.....medical problems

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Thanks Aviator

Aviator, what a cool site! in 2.5 yrs, when my lease expires, I'm liking the idea of take over an XLR-V or Viper RT/10 lease for a year or two.


I didn't know you could get the big lease co's (GM, Chrysler etc.) to allow a release and takover of a lease--how cool.

These cars are all under warranty (mostly) so there doesn't seem to be much risk in assuming a lease--any idea of the drawbacks?

$75,000 to $95,000 cars can be had for a year or two, instead of 4 or 5 (gets boring) at the SAME price--I don't care if the car has 5,000 miles on it, as long as its pristine!



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What they have is what you get...

It is a cool site, but don't hold you breath for that V. There are only a few hundred being made, and the liklihood of one showing up on a lease trading site is pretty small. I check it regularly.

Once upon a time, I saw a 34 month old SL500 with only two months left on the lease, but 15000 miles still unused. If I had been in a position like BUDSVET to run the roads, I would have taken an extended vacation!

But I have a business to run.... :nodno :nopity so no spontaneous, extended travel for the hell of it.

The one important stipulation about getting out of a lease (putting your car on the site): The lease needs to be "assumable". Not all leases are.
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