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List of Reputable honest dealers

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Please list the name and city, state of honest Cadillac dealers who dont charge over sticker for an XLR.
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Steve Foley Cadillac==Northbrook, Ill
Contact Allen Kulbersh The one and only >>Mr. XLR
Two I know of in the Houston, TX area:

David Taylor Cadillac - (713) 777-7151. Purchased XLR from this dealer. Excellent sales and post-sales support.

McGinnis Cadillac - Offered XLR for MSRP.
Hi Gang,

I think this is a very positive threat that helps the entire market place without bringing on any of the problem of calling our who are the negative dealers. And, as the free market is suppose to and does work the less than perfect folks will feel then pain and change or go away.

Rydell Cadillac - Northridge, CA

Desimone Cadillac - Mt Laurel, NJ
Dalgleish Cadillac - Detroit, MI
Now, I had a negative experence at Rydell in Northridge, CA. They were ill-prepared to discuss the purchase of our NM vehicle and we went elsewhere.

Dimmitt Cadillac of Clearwater! Definite policy of charging no premium over sticker.
Bill of FL
Best Dealership I've ever experienced

I was supposed to get first chance at a XLR my local dealer was expecting to get, found out on 2/17/04 that someone else had a deposit on it, and was told it would cost me 5-10k over sticker for them to find me one. Got on the internet and found Crest Cadillac of Plano, Texas and sent them a message wanting an XLR. Saleslady, Alexa Gunaca contacted me and I had a deposit on an XLR for sticker price that same day. The car came in 3 days later and I drove 541 miles to pick it up the next day, never have I been treated so great, as I was at Crest Cadillac, I only wish they were closer to home.

This is not a solicitation for business, but a true story, if you want to reach Alexa her email is [email protected], phone is 972-578-7511 ext 1231.

Hope this helps someone - Dave, a very happy XLR owner
It is good to hear that you found a dealer you are so pleased with. Referrals like yours are the best testimony that the dealer is doing things well. I work for a Cadillac dealer not in your area, and I would make this suggestion:

E-mail a link to your thread to her, and to the general sales manager of the store you were not satisified with. This will let both parties know how you feel about your experience. I am sure Alexa will be happy to know you think so highly as to recommend her, and it will let the other store know who is taking care of "their" customer base.

Since your experience was so good with your selling dealer, you have obviously not told anybody, you have told everybody, and that is the customer customer experience that will make long-term customers for a store. Enjoy your car!!
Walier Chevrolet

Joe Walier of Walier Chevrolet in Keene,NH is my dealer. Though not a Caddy dealer he has secured me 3 in the last year. The xlr was delivered yesterday. None have been above MSRP, actually other than the xlr the other two were at invoice.

This guy is the best.
Reputable Cadillac Dealers

mino Capistrano, Laguna Niguel CA
Reputable Cadillac Dealers

I would like to add ALLEN CADILLAC in Laguna Niguel, CA to the list of good guys in holding to the MSRP of the XLR.

In the long run, these dealers will reap rewards by their ethics and secure a loyal customer base.

ALLEN CADILLAC number is: (949) 582-0800.

Brooks Morris
2004 XLR for sale

Brand new never titled. Crimson Pearl with shale interior, ready for delivery. Sticker $76525 includes XM. No documentation fees
Rbroome, Did you just put yourself into the category of reputable dealers? I'm not sure that counts...(BTW, you could always start another thread - might get more attention)
Good call/catch alk3997. That must be why you are now a Senior Member!
Not to hijack the thread - but I thought my senior membership meant I was just getting older...:cheers
Mark Christopher Auto Center, Ontario, CA
Don't know what they're getting for the car,
I paid sticker in Thousand Oaks,
but the service dept was outstanding.
I went in with a list of about 15 items from squeeks and rattles to transmission shifting to paint/body.
service, service, service
everything throughly addressed, efficient, daily contact with progress, delivered after hours spotless.
A genuine concern for the customer

Wheels go on tomorrow, hope to post some pics soon!
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