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Letting the heat out

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One of the best things you can do for your XLR is to raise the hood and let the heat out when you're parked. This will help save your hood,paint and underhood plastic pieces like the engine cover. When the car stops moving all the heat bakes everything. Just a thought.:)
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Since we are moving into summer weather here in the Midwest I thought I would mention raising the hood and letting the heat out again. This is something I have done for years on my vehicles and I think it works it doesn't cost anything. When we get home each day we open the hoods and let them cool off. Once you shut an engine off there is no longer any air moving through the engine compartment to help get rid of the heat.. it just bakes.

Bruce :)
Good tip Bruce; Doris and I both love to "vent"!!

We outfitted our garage with three ceiling fans where the original lights used to be. When we get home, we open the hoods and kick on the fans. We have been doing it for years, especially when we drove SVT products with superchargers. They seem to generate and hold more under-hood heat. I would guess much like the "V's" would.
Never heard of any Corvette owners doing this. My current 08 coupe is my fifth vette. Never noticed any problems with engine compartment items "baking" from having the hood closed after the engine has been turned off. :lol
I don't think Bruce (who no longer visits here) was implying there was a problem, rather, that it would be beneficial to eliminate heat build-up and any potential related problems. That would be true for any car.

I'm not aware of any problems with the XLR, but it's not a particularly well-ventilated engine compartment. The grille is solid, and it's basically a bottom-breather with no side cove heat exits like the vettes. Even the new side grille on the 2009 is reportedly not functional. Presumably, if there were a problem, it could have been.

Corvette-wise, some owners of C2's, particularly the big blocks, do sometimes leave the hoods open. I'm not sure it's much of an issue with newer models, although the first-gen ZR1's and the Z06's do get hot. Supercharged cars like some of the Mustangs or XLR-V's would probably benefit, too.

I doubt that it's necessary, and it can't really hurt, but there's always the possibility of unintended collateral damage anytime you do anything with a car. IMO, YMMV, FWIW, etc.
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It would be great for any engine to be able to cool off like that, maybe we could call it preventitive maintenence(spelling?) ha ha
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