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Have any of u that actually have an XLR gone through a high pressure car wash? I have experienced water leaking through both driver and passenger windows from were there is a rubber seperation about midway at the top of the window. Also I have noted that this same crack/seperation retains water and continues to drip when doors r opened. A real pain and disappointment since I experience the same effect thought a bit more pronounced in my 98 vette conv! HELP! Any ideas on how to overcome.
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I've driven through rain twice with no leaks. Suggest you take your XLR back to the dealer for repair. Unless other owners are experiencing the same thing, it sounds like a manufacturing problem rather than a design problem.

You made me think of the Allante' - which is not a good thing where leaks are concerned.
I've been through heavy rain, a car wash (never again! they tried to close the trunk by pulling down on it and they dug their knees into the seats to wipe the inside of the back window) and washed the car many, many times my self, both with a hose and at one of those "plug quarters do-it-yourself" places, which I prefer. I have had no problems with leakage.

Now, there is some dripping (usually on my leg) when you open the door and get in when the car is wet, but I had that with my Z3 and SL too.

On the other hand, if you open the trunk when the car is wet... a minor inconvenience.
Was at Dealer's (visiting Mr. XLR) the other day and believe to have found the problem--just were the roof closes there is a split in the rubber strip at each of the front widows--in front of the split as the top closes is a lip that must extend in the rear direction to collect any excess water--once u c it in action it is easy to tell the proper way for the rubber strip to "seat" properly--have not been able to wash car to be a 100% sure since it has been cold and snowing in the Windy City--will report results as soon as I can take it through a high pressure car wash
I'm sorry to hear that leaks are being experienced. Fortunately I have not experienced this in the pacific northwest. This concerns me from the days of the Allante's, which Cadillac fix all the problems after six production years. The two new Allante's I owned, one for my wife and one for me, were great from day one.

I trust the solution to the problem at hand can be found.

My newly located issue ought to be titled water and air leaks.

I was experiencing both on the right side of the car.

After some exploration I found that the wing window was being pushed out too far--just enough to settle on the outside weather strip on the rear fender panel. When the windows were closed at the end of the process, the right one went up on the INSIDE of the wing window. If you didn't know this up front, a passenger could unknowingly attempt to open the door and cause some REAL damage.

I haven't taken it in for adjustment yet ( there is a small rod that has a locking screw on it that you can use to increase or shorten the wing window travel).

In the interim I reach over as the top is being seated and hold my finger on the wing window to gentlly pull it into the slot it is supposed to be in. Then I push the window up buttons.


I have mixed emosions in reporting that my NM XLR has and continues to perform flawlessly!!!!!!! Given this, I am very dissapointed to hear that follow on production is having such problems. This is very dissapointing if Cadillac is going to take on the Big Boys.

Let's hope Cadillac can overcome these issues.

Maybe I'm being a little more forgiving than I should be, but the number of leaks reported on this forum is very small. From what I can tell two owners have reported leaks and we have a large number of owners on this forum.

One of the leaks appears to already have been fixed and the other sounds like it is on its way to being fixed. I guess you can say that any problem is a quality issue, but it sure sounds like when a problem is found Cadillac has a fix and is correcting the issue.

Please also keep in mind that it is a very small percentage of the total XLR population involved in this forum.

I sure wish more of the XLR owners new about this forum.

Did anybody come up with an easy way to clean the inside of the rear window glass?? I have tried with the top up or partially up and can't seem to reach all of the areas.

The new car get ready guys couldn't clean it either.

I've wondered that myself. Anyone got an answer?
I took my car thru a spray only car wash and found that I have two leaks. Both are on the drivers side. The first one is right at the windshield where the top, side window and windshield meet. The other one is where the two tops come toghter right over the hinge. Both let in a lot of water when the sprayer came by. I have opened the top and inspeced the rubber gasket to see if it was damaged but could not find anything wrong. I looks like it IS closing OK and it looks like it is sealing under the pressure of the top so I am not sure where the problem is. I hope to have time to run a water hose over it instead of the high pressure and see if it still leaks. Even thou it should not leak one way or the other.

Another thing how long should it take to get parts for this car? When I picked it up the rubber seal on the passenger side window where it goes down inside the door did not fit right so the dealer orderd one, that was two and a half weeks ago and he still has not gotten it in yet. If I take my car in for this leak I am not sure when I will get it back.
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Possible location

Where the roof closes there is a cup in the rubber windshield pilar mldg. There is a drain hole there, If the cup is slightly folded over by the side roof w/strip instead of sliding in to the cup water will come inside the car instead of draining out. I have seen this happen and it is easy to correct by making sure the side w/strip slides into the cup.

If it is cool outside after washing the rubber may bend over and block the hole, just simple watch for it and if it happends you need to reposition the lip of the cup.

I dont think you can fairly judge the leak proof capacity of the XLR roof system in a "high pressure" car wash. The factory tests the sealing ability standards with basically garden hose pressure, as will your Dealer when he looks for your leak. I wouldn't worry about a few drips from high pressure washes.
I would think that if one side did not leak then the other side should not. Both had the same pressure on them. It did not leak where the window comes up to the top. Its where the two tops meet and where the top meets the windshield. If it leaked where the window comes up I think I could under stand that a little better because there really is no seal there to speak of. The other two have the pressure of the top closing to make the seal.
So does this mean that the its acceptable for the top to leak in a high-pressure touch-free car wash? or not?

I'm confused.
deadringer said:
So does this mean that the its acceptable for the top to leak in a high-pressure touch-free car wash? or not?

I'm confused.
I would say it is unacceptable. Mine has no leaks.
Jetboyphx said:
I would say it is unacceptable. Mine has no leaks.
Mine leaks like its raining inside... :(
deadringer said:
Mine leaks like its raining inside... :(
Never had any problems for water-leaks.

I used to wash my car at a self-wash place and even with the high pressure hose I never see a drop inside my car.


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