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Kinda an interesting review. Fair and balanced to coin a phrase. Be interesting to see what the members think of the author's approach to the XLR.

The article can be found under "Highway 1" in the Wednesday, December 3, 2003 edition of the LA Times
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Basically an OK review.

Way off on 0-60 performance. not 5.9 sec. 4.8

Unfotunately I have to over many manhole covers because of construction areas and ddino't feel the "vibration" he talks about. Maybe just the car he was driving needs adjustment.

Was right that it "stops people and makes them look."

I live in what is considered by all to be an extremely affluent area and have still not seen another on the road. "I FEEL SPECIAL!"

There is review in USAToday and the guy is complaining about certain things......

He saids that the XLR interior panels gaps in certain area are too wide is intresting because this is the first time that i have heard somebody criticizing the Fit levels of this interior......

And that the Top at 27 seconds is too slow in its operation......I personally don't think that is a problem.....
The LA Times article has a few incorrect items. I was surprised at the lack of fact checking and the assumptions he made. It's one thing to make a value judgement, it's another thing to incorrectly state things as facts, which they are not.

As an LA Times subscriber, I'm may write this guy a "nice" letter.
Well, I wrote him a letter and he wrote back... his reply follows:


Many inaccuracies? Well, OK. SL500 -- I got used to the old nomenclature. Guilty. "Key" as opposed to "fob"? "Key" is better, and easier for readers to understand, since fob is technically no better -- an ornament worn at the end of a chain? Perhaps "electronic key"?

I thought the car's ride needed some civilizing. What I didn't mention is that I drove two examples of the car -- the first went back to the barn because the fancy dampers went off-line. Some wiring problem caused the system to shut down and the car to go into limp-home mode.

I also think the car has more rattle and shake than the SL500 -- see, I got it right this time. Compare it to a Lexus SC430.

But the XLR is a very nice car, as I said. You'll be happy with your choice, I'm sure. It's a cool car. Next year's will be better, tho.

And I absolutely think the tires could be improved. Run flats are too flinty for this class of car.

Thanks for reading and happy motoring.

Dan Neil
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Intresting but who better than you guys to talk about rattles and squeaks!!!!!

So far all of you have said that this car is rock solid with no cowl shake.....:)
After all this, I think I'm going to be over-sensitive to any vibration... better turn down the music!
When you get to the point that a critic has to criticize TIRES......

It means he is out of other things to criticize and only a crazy tech guy would even give a crap about something you can replace when they wearout.

"Next years will be better"

Interpretation: "Maybe I can afford one next year"

When the C5 Vette made its debut in 1997 it was the stiffest structure of any open car sold in the U.S that included of course the MB SL of that time and the Porsche 993..

And even now 7 years later is still one of the most rigid chassis out there....

Cars testers have always praised the C5 for its lack of squeaks and rattles....

So this modified C6 structure that is shared with the XLR has to be even better than the C5 so that is why i don't believe a dime of what this guy is saying.....
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