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Keyless system is buggy - do you agree?

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In my opinion the whole keyless system is still a little buggy. Way too many no fob detected etc.

I may be crazy but I am begining to wonder if my cell phone is interefering with the system? Is this possible?
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The NM XLR is purchase for my wife for our 25th Anniversary, which we took delivery of Sept. 25 we have not had a single problem with our fobs' functions. This includes many times that we have entered the vehicle with the both of us have our fobs and our cell phones. We have found the system to work flawlessly.

It could be as simple as a bad battery that would cause the fob or fobs to fall fall of frequency resulting in a failed signal to the vehicle.

You need present your problem to your dealer and let them work it out for you.

Yes, replace the battery. That did the trick for us.
XLR, take your XLR to the dealer. Mine was buggy too. The dealer replaced the keyless system and it has run perfectly since (I think I have received a single "No Fob" message since it was replaced over a month ago). The system was not intended to produced "No Fob" messages when the fob is in the car.

I've been told that a low percentage of the keyless systems have this problem. The dealer should call XLR tech support for confirmation.

Of course, replacing the battery first is a good idea. It is certainly easier to do than take the car to the dealer.
Have not had a single issue with the fob--I think it is great! Suggest u bring to dealer to get it repaired
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