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Key fob recognition?????

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I just got my blue XLR back today. As some of you know, my car was not recognizing my key fob. Well, they had to replace the module and the both key fobs. I was told that in some areas it will not recognize them due to power lines, radio frequencies?, and other things that cause interferance?. As far as the problem with my voice recognition, I don't know what they did, but it seems to be better, at least I got it to recognize "Casino", more then 1 time. As for the ashtray thing, well, we finally have that figured out as well, you pull up the cup holders and then take the ashtray out, then put the ashtray back in and then put the cup holders back as well.
I have been trying to post a photo with this, but I don't think that it is going to show up, darn it!!!!!!!
Hey, I never said I was a great speller, and sure do wish that we had spellchecker like on the POA, that's Prowler On Line!
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Key fob's

What is going to happen if I have my key fob on me and me wife has hers in her purse? We both have the car set to different things for it to do "seats, radio, etc." what one will it see? #1 first?
Will it hurt anything to have both inside the car? She likes to carry hers just in case something goes wrong.
If you don't push a button on the trans. I think it goes to the last time someone did push a button and then uses those setings. So just caring them should not make a difference.. Right?

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