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Just received and drove my Xenon Blue XLR

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I must share with you all that I've had a religious exprience driving this car for the past 59 miles and I can't describe it in words so I'll try in abstract adjectives....whoops!!, Yikes!!, WhaaT,
No Way!!!!, "Turn Right"...........etc....!!
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I've now taken delivery, and having not driven one previously was concerned over comments in any number of reviews.

Things like "heavy steering," "cold steering feel" and others had me wondering what I was in for.

I found the steering crisp and clean, while not at all overly hard; the suspension firm yet compliant and forgiving of minor bumps and road detritus.

Overall a very positive reaction. Much more fun than the new SL, less room than, but extraoradinarily more fun than a Lexus, and well ahead of the two decade old basics of the Jag.

My initial reactions are all positive, with thanks to this group for helping me find the way.

One rather strange thing is that the XLR gets a veritable "whiplash" reaction from maies aged 10-20, while few else really notice anything unusual in their midst.

What exactly do you mean by your last sentence, specifically "the XLR gets a veritable "whiplash" reaction from maies aged 10-20"?

The XLR is a fantastic vehicle, which my wife and I discovered when we took delivery of our NM XLR on 9/25/03. And, the vehicle continues to be not only incredible and is still turning heads of all ages in our area.

Happy XLR Motoring,


:flag :thumbs :cheers
Thanks for the XLR sentiments! I've just received my first speeding ticket in 5 years.....and it felt great!!
Do I see your N.M. at the Sunset Club on First Hill?
Yours or not, great car and color.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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