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Just picked up my new black XLR

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Just got my new black/black XLR and love it! I was going to get silver but after seeing it switched to black (much meaner looking imo)

The car is awesome and gets looks everywhere. I love the XM radio and the push button start. I used to own a vette 2 yrs ago and the reality is this is a cadillac corvette. The inside is very similar, drives like a vette and even smells like a vette. Which is all good.

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Happy for you getting it at "LIST".. I understand NOT many going for list, most from 5M to 20M over sticker.. On limited production vehicles, if you want one you got to pay for it..
I got my Satin Nickel XLR wiith Shale Upholstery on November 4th.. Just lucked out... Could also have had a "NM" edition but I didn't think the extra $$$ were worth it..
I just love mine and before I bought it, I spend over an hour each day with the top up and down getting in and out because of my size and knees.. No problem.. Can't say the same for the SC430 or Jag.. As this car is so Technologically Advanced especially the Navigation System with the Voice Recognition it will take me a year to learn "all the in and outs" of it.. I suggested to the GM, Sales Manager and the Sales person, that Cadillac should offer a 2 or 3 day workshop for all XLR owners...
Always interested in hearing from XLR owners about there experiences..
As a "Teddy Bear" body I fit very well in the XLR while I felt like a stuffed sausage in the Jag. Also in my area there are a lot of sl 500's but i'm almost alone among the XLR's and it's fun to be "looked at." I have the Black and it's also fun to look awesome!! :thumbs

Also in my area there are a lot of sl 500's but i'm almost alone among the XLR's and it's fun to be "looked at."


There are soooooo many new SL 's out there that they are overexposed and lose some of the appeal. When you go to valet with 6 SL's in front and you roll up in an XLR....guess what??

They gotta move one of those SL's to make room for the XLR. That is after they stop drooling.

I bought the XLR to keep for a few months.....but I like it so much that the only reason I would sell is when they come out with a bigger engine. (Not that it is needed, but who says no to more power)
I agree thats the best part. in LA Everone and his brother has the SL (its ridiculous for a 75k car) but nobody has the XLR so its thats much more special and with limited production I dont expect to see a lot.

Mercedes is making every mistake Caddy made over last 10 yrs - they have cheap cars for everyone and every car looks the same (I cant keep track of all the models) and they are buikt like SH*T these days. Caddy is smart to keep their prices high and make them what they once were.
I think Mercedes has diluted the value of the name because it is no longer exclusive. They hit more price points than anyone. I mean $29k to $450k lol

I think once all the SL owners see themselves everywhere they go they may have a little "Penis envy" (Hope I can say that)

I have NEVER seen ANY car as often as the SL. They are like Beetles used to be. But they were like $900.

But enough with the SL....let me tell ya about my XLR!!
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