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Just got mine today

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05 Satin Nickel with shale interior. At first I wanted a black interior, but now that I saw this one, I like it better. I'm already getting compliments from strangers. :thumbs
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Glad to have you aborad, I have one the same color and just had to order a new set of tires for it. I have enjoyed this vehicle as much as any sports car that I've owned. drive it like you stole it. :) :jester
Maverick said:
. I'm already getting compliments from strangers. :thumbs
get use to strangers....the compliments never end!!
Enjoy your ride!

Welcome to the XLR world.

I have had to lift the hood to show folks that there is really a NorthStar V8 powering the XLR. For some reason they think there is a small V6 powering the car.
Congratulations.....I, too, am a proud new XLR owner. I took delivery of my '05 Crimson Pearl with Shale interior twelve days ago and have been very pleased so far! I'm still trying to decide whether to have the XM satellite radio antenna installed.
Congrats. I just got mine a Neiman Marcus with 2 miles on it last month. I picked it up at a dealership that had it for almost a year and drove it accross country to bring him home. Purple was my sons favorite color and this new XLR is named after him "Nicks Dragon" Everywhere along the trip people gawked and had to get close. Passing the porshes and Mercedes with their owners giving me the look that said "Wow why didn't I get whatever that is." I love this car! I am overwhelmed with the sophistication. My wifes new BMW 645 i is nice but it is not an XLR byany stretch. PS I almost forgot. The XM radio was not an option I wanted, but it was on the car. Now that I have it I don't know how anyone could ever do without it. And onstar, what a service. Did I say it "I love this car" :party
What number is your car? Don't you just love the two-tone interior?
Thanks everyone. I don't understand Quixotic's question - "what is the number?"

And to budsvet: you managed to wear out a set of tires already? You've been busy.
Neiman Marcus Edition Personal Number

The number Quixotic is talking about is on the drivers Sil-Plate. On the main section of the plate it says XLR like any regular production version, but the NM Edition has section of the plate that says " Neiman Marcus Edition" 81/101. The preceeding numbers are just for example, the first number dictates what the specific NM Edition XLR build your car was.

They produced only 101 NM Editions and 2 of those were for charity auctions. That means whom ever has an NM Edition, they are 1/99 worldwide owners.

Feel free to check out the full description of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog 2004 XLR. You can also see some of the NM owners plus key members of the XLR Vehicle team.

Simply go to:

Thank You
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Thank you Allen. Didn't think there would be any confusion.


Congrats to you both! I can't imagine that a NM was still unsold at this late date!



Some people dream of driving cars like the XLR. Others stay awake, work their hineys off and buy them. Kudos.

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