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In the immortal words of Jim Morrison...

..."Strange Days have found us."

Record sales - GM's best since '86, continued losses, junk bond rating, and a union that "doubts" things are as bad as they 'claim". The business part of GM is not going well. With apologies to any MBAs (or English teachers) out there, but here in Texas we've turned the term "MBA" into a verb. Ex: "We'll they've MBAed that _______ (fill in the blank.)

Meaning? Executives, accountants and lawyers have squeezed every milligram of fat from the ______, used the cheapest foreign materials, paid their people just barely enough to keep them from walking out, demanded immediate payment from customers, yet managed their cash flow on the backs of their vendors, and unleashed teams of trial lawyers to sue everyone in sight. Its just the game mega corporations play.

However, with the tandem of the new C6-Z06, and the XLR-V, GM has produced a pair of the most fabulous sports cars on the planet. You can pay double the price for euro-iron, or buy one of those luxy rice burners, and not find better vehicles.

I do have faith in the real heros at GM - their engineers, designers, technical and manufactring people. I do hope this latest crop of over-paid executives get their walking papers, so the corporate ship can be righted soon.
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