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July 15th Rally

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At Dave Cashion's request at Allen Cadillac, I copied 1_xlr's post to post it in this position and to let anyone know that plans on coming to this event, that you Must RSVP because of Food preperation, etc.
Here is that copy & address to RSVP
Hello Everybody!
As everybody here knows I have been working on our next big meet! I have been talking with Reed (ctsvett) for several months. I also called on D3 to be a part of this event! They were kind enough to host the event. I also have been working with Allen Cadillac, MHT Wheels and Vogue Tyre on supporting this event. Should be a great event and lots of fun! We are expecting a great turn out and would love to see 75-100 Cadillacs.This will also be D3's Open House event.

I also Hired a Auto Photographer to shoot the event! He will have a portfolio to view and will be taking appointments for those of you who are interested in having a shoot of your ride!!

SoCal Cadillac Meet Hosted by D3

Event details
Date: July 15th, 2006
Time: 12:00 noon
2829 Gundry Ave
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Also supporting this Event will be:
Allen Cadillac
MHT Wheels
Vogue Tyre

Food and refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP by e-mailing me ([email protected]) or James ([email protected]).

Feel free to pass this on to other Cadillac Owners in socal.

Please note that we have our own dedicated sub-forum on

As well, a calendar at where you can view upcoming events.

David -

p.s. For those of you coming from Orange County, I will be at South Coast plaza at 11:00am. We can meet there and caravan to D3
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33 Caddies signed up so far....but light on XLRs!

Join the fun, it should be a good meet:cheers

RSVP should be done at:
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don't forget to make plans for next weekend.........
1_XLR said:
The upcoming SoCal Meet is a little over a week away. Attendance is growing and please do not forget to RSVP ( so that D3, and others, can get a head count for food, T-shirts, etc. Speaking of food D3 has beef tri-tip, barbecue chicken, shrimp ****tails, and Hor D’Oeuvres to be served.

There will be door prizes and raffles for some of the more expensive prizes. Prizes are being donated by:
Allen Cadillac, Cadillac (GM), MHT Wheels, D3 and Vogue Tyre.

Potentially, there may be a Cadillac (GM) West Coast Executives attending. If so, please show the brass how much of an asset Cadillac has in its owners. This is a rare opportunity to mingle and discuss your enthusiasm with those who can make a positive change, and who share your Cadillac enthusiasm.

We are also issuing a challenge to those who are in the immediate area, but might be sitting on the fence on whether to attend as owners from as far away as Phoenix, Arizona, Northern California, and San Diego will be driving to the meet.

A professional photographer Oliver specializing in vehicles will be at hand for the event.

XLR’s, STS’s, CTS’s, CTS-V’s, Escalade’s...and even a rare vintage Cadillac might be present.

For Cadillac owners who follow this forum, but are not members, you are welcome to attend as well; please RSVP.

For those just now learning about this event it is being held at D3, Saturday, July 15th, starting at noon at the following address:

2829 Gundry Ave
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Not only we will get to tour D3’s new offices, but we will see their current line of Cadillac products and those under design.

People are welcome to bring their significant others in what will prove to be the largest group gathering yet and the start of something that continues to gain momentum and sized.

Plans are already being made for the next SoCal Meet!

IMPORTANT! Please remember to RSVP ( by July 11th. If you are reading this post after this date, I am sure that others will share their food and beverage if you show, so please do not hesitate to join us.

After the meet owners can cruise Downtown Long Beach where the largest yearly motorcycle cruiser event is happening and custom bikes abound:
Thank you,
Dubbed Stealth
Allen Cadillac
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