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Well after a long wait my silver with shale guts turned up and was delieverd to me earlier today by MR XLR -- Mr Allen Kulbersh of Steve Foley Cadillac of Northbrook, Ill. (847-849-2229) His professionalism, at least for me, is unprecedented in my years of purchasing over 15+ different cars.
And what a car for those of u waiting all I can say is WOW!!!
Comparing it to my 98 Vette conv. (which now can go to storage) which i love it's not even close--as my 16 son who took a ride with me tonight said "it's the nicest thing on the planet"
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i've also found allen/steve foley cadillac very professional in my dealings so far -- and have an order pending as well.

since you have your xlr, i was wondering what your order number was -- still waiting for a delivery date on mine.
XLRCAD--my order # excluding the NM's that Mr. XLR took care of was #3--what # do u have? I also have a second one comming in the future for my wife-- I believe it is the teens--based on the production #'s on this forum sounds like that will be in late summer or early fall.
Happy New Year to all current and future XLR owners!
i've had my deposit up for more than a year and my number is 21 (steve foley cad) -- been watching the production numbers, but don't know the allocation for the dealer, so its hard to tell when.

one brite note, got an invitation to the so. alifornia drive summit -- so at least i'll be able to drive on soon!

Southern California Drive Summit

an invite to drive bmw, lexus and mercedes in head-to-head road tests against the new 2004 cad vehicles. take a look at
Oh, I think I'm going to that on January 25, but I thought it was just Cadillacs. Maybe it's different... Now you've got me thinking...

Some time has gone by since last December and how is your XLR today?

Thanx for asking runs great!
Nicest car I have ever had from a driving perspective--However
has developed several rattles that concern me since the dealer was unable to repair them first time or could not duplicate -- I plan on bringing it back Wed and do not plan on picking it back up till they r gone.
Also they had to reset my audio system since the steering wheel audio controls and CD changer went inoperable last week--now I notice that when using the SW controls to switch channels on the XM they do not automatically switch to XM 2 so u can store and easily use a full 12 stations -- will have to ask them on Wed.
Other than the flimsy gratted center piece of plastic below the bumper we r a go! Car puts a smile on face every time I drive it!!!I just raise the XM volumne to offset the ratttles.

Sorry to hear your having a few problems. So far my NM XLR has been preforming perfectly with 1,400 plus miles. And, yes it does turn heads.

I trust your dealer with fix the rattles.

....speaking of turning up the volume and turning heads
I got my first ticket in my XLR....EXCESSIVE NOISE!!!

I've had many (deserved) tickets in my time and
probably many more to come with this car,
but excessive niose?? I thought he was kidding!!!

But officer, I was only trying to drown out the rattles!;)

I got to ask:

1) In what California City/County were you in?
2) How old are you? Have to ask because your young and.... or old and deaf
3) What else might you have been doing that the Police Officer could not have written you up on that he used the db as a way to get you?
4) Regardless of the above, you have my sympathy?

It's intersting to note that you have the same problem as ctsvman, i.e. rattles. I just can not understand this in that my NM #25 is very tight and rattle etal free. You have my sympathy.

1) Riverside, CA

2) Question should be "How old do you FEEL driving your XLR??"

3) He claimed that I "screeched" my tires from a dead stop.
I told him that wasn't possible with traction control and
how could he hear it if the music was so loud..................

4) no sympathy necessary! I love this car!

Actually, I have a very minor vibration in the dash area,
but a more distracting speaker vibration in the passenger door
So basically, music is not the solution for me......
for vibrations or getting out of tickets!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the additional information. It appears that the Officer was having an off day and your just happened along at the wrong time.

And, again I'm sorry that your are experiencing difficluties with your XLR and gald that your still enjoying it!

Here's to the Dealer Fixing Everything,

Car back--Xm radio needs a new module (being shipped in) to scroll properly between Xm 1 & 2 using the sterring wheel controls. Thanx to Serv. Tech & Mr. XLR for their dedication to customer satisfactionand finding the correct solution to the problem.
The rattle contiues to be an issue but believe again that when the cars goes in for xm repair they will get. I went for several rides with the serv tech to locate it-- we heard it so it is just locating the sourcea nd the proper repair.

Glad to hear progress is being made.

Happy XLR Motoring,

I just wanted to tell all of u that my car is back after several days in the shop.
Mr. XLR and Master XLR Serv Tech Mike spent, I am sure, countless hours both in locating my rattle, repairing it and then driving EXLR8 to make sure they got it...I drove it tonight with a big smile -- my XM radio is back to perfect condition and the car is rattle free.
Their committment to my satisfaction will keep me coming back to their dealership (already having purchased 6 cars there) to get my XLRV, 05 STS and is the standard all Caddy dealers should strive for!
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