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It Happened to me last night

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I know there are other threads on this topic but - last night going to post office in the XLR - dash control read "Top Not Secure" - drove into parking lot and depressed switch to put top down thinking it would reset - it didn't, it got stuck!! Back to the dealer it went today with 310 miles on it. Oh well, guess I have the brake noise to look forward to as well (I still love the car but wanted to pile-on the topic anyway)
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Your Tool

If you get the "Top Not Secure" message, it means that the hooks on the leadig edge of the top are not peroperly engaged in the grooves on the windshield.

You may be able to fix it yourself by the proper use of "Your Tool". (See Top Malfunction thread.)

Have you located it?

PlatXLR04 said:
Aviator - went to the dealer last night to pick up car - the service paperwork basically indicated "no malfunctions with the operation" - the salesman and I walked out to the lot where the car was - people gathered around to see this curious car - I tried the top and IT GOT STUCK AGAIN!! Back into the service garage it went. I have a brand new 04 - the car was made in Feb 04 and when I got it had 25 miles on it - I was curious to learn what year your car is and when it was made - I referenced the micro chip issue to the dealer guys. I fear it might be back and forth like you experienced until they find the issue during an open/close operation. Have you heard 2005's experiencing the sticking issue? Its very frustrating to say the least.

My car is a 2004, delivered in early May. You need to read through the "Top Malfunction" thread.

I also had an intermittent fault. It was a microswitch on the windshield. Once replaced, I've never had a problem.
Good Luck!
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