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It Happened to me last night

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I know there are other threads on this topic but - last night going to post office in the XLR - dash control read "Top Not Secure" - drove into parking lot and depressed switch to put top down thinking it would reset - it didn't, it got stuck!! Back to the dealer it went today with 310 miles on it. Oh well, guess I have the brake noise to look forward to as well (I still love the car but wanted to pile-on the topic anyway)
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For whatever it is worth, I know a lot of people (relative to the number of XLR owners) who have never had a top mechanism problem. Mine was manufactured just before Christmas 2003.

My guess is that it is an alignment issue that the dealers just don't know how to properly fix yet. I know that doesn't help you. However, one thing you can do is to make sure your dealer contacts Cadillac XLR tech support. That is the best way to get the issue truly logged.

Of course if it is an alignment issue the chances of it being properly fixed are going to vary by dealer until a service bulletin is issued.
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