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It Finally Happened

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Well, in all the talk about tires and rims and which size is the best I made the argument for 19" wheels with Michelin 255X40X19 tires. I also said that you need not worry about losing the run-flat tires as flats are pretty much a thing of the past.

Yesterday the spring weather here was great. 78 and sunny with no humidity. Took XLR out for a long trip through the country. Somehow, an old rusty 1/2" bolt found its way to spike into the tire. The tire did not go instantly flat, but the bolt was so big it was like driving with a square wheel. Basically, I was stranded!

It took two hours to get a roll-back wrecker to come get me and another hour to get home. The tire is shot. I am being quoted $402.00 to have the tire replaced. Although I do get free spin balance with that! I guess that run-flat feature is more important that I first thought.
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Is this you Rich?
That's the reason I'm just buying 19" Foose rims for the new V. That way I don't have to change the run flats out. I've been dreading going back east this summer for two weeks in the XLR with my 20's

rick1827 said:
Took XLR out for a long trip through the country. Somehow, an old rusty 1/2" bolt found its way to spike into the tire. QUOTE]
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Last month, I stopped for gas in Baker, on the way home from Vegas, from a stop sign, dropped into a big 'ol pot hole. Now remember, I got them extra fancy 20" wheels. Well, the rim bent, and took a chunk out of the side wall. Tire is not repairable, and if you know anything about Baker, CA, you don't go buy a new 20" ,low profile, Z rated....and espically not on a Sunday afternoon!! Cadillac Roadside will take me to the naerest Las Vegas!!! That's about 1 hour BACK where I just came from. I want to go home and I ain't leavin my car in Baker!! I have to get towed all the way home .....Can't replace just 1 tire cause the tread won't be the same.....

Tow Bill.......$640.00
2 new tires.. $850.00
XLR Top down on the Las Vegas Strip..................Priceless!!!

My story is not an XLR story but it's worth telling. Two years ago, around thanksgiving, I was in Cambridge, MA, (studying) and my friend and I decided to go see Harry Potter (the first one) at the movie theater (bad movie by the way).

So I I walk out of my building towards my Mercedes ML 320 and figure I'll pick up my friend at his building and we'll be off to the movie... well, I quickly found out I had a VERY flat tire, so went around the block, parked the car and called a cab...
After the movie, on this cold december night, I headed back home and changed my tire, the next day, Mercedes repaired it... :sleep

.... tim goes by.....

One week later, I pick up another friend friend from the airport and go for dinner at a restaurant right by where I live... Come back out and again, flat tire (other side though...)... So this time, I have to change my tire, in the rain, with cars passing by and splashing wter over me... Guess I learned my lesson: Flat tires do happen....

So now, let's zoon one year into the future, and you might learn another valuable lesson....

So, I decided to change from the 16inch stock rims that come on the ML320 and opted for 18s (Lowenhart, 3-piece forged) with the ML55 Tires... A couple weeks after getting my new rims, I start hearing a squeaky sound (like on a rusty bike), after a wheel, I realized it's coming from the front-left wheel... And so I drive right to Mercedes (only a mile away from where I live), and realize that two bolts were actually missing from the Left-Front rim... The problem is quickly solved, two bolts and there I go....

And time goes by.....

Two weeks later, I driving a girl friend back to her apartment (Medford, MA) after a night out (around 5:00am)... While we're trying to find our way back (we got lost on Tufts campus), I get a strange feeling (like I have a flat tire), so I get out of the car and have a look but all tires are fine, so I get back in the car and keep driving... Two minutes later, it gets even worse, and I defintely know it's coming from the Rear-Left wheel.... So I stop the car again, get out and what do I see... The wheel is being held on by only one screwed bolted and one totally loose bolt... Now, I have to figure a way to make this whole thing work, so I figured I would use bolts off the other rims... So I take off two additional bolts from the other side, and then struggled for 40 mins trying to re-attach the Rear-Left wheel (Try doing that with 18x12 rims on an un-even ground...)... Then next day, I went to Mercedes a bought two bags of bolts (which I always keep in the car...)

So, after all this, what did I learn:

First Flat Tire Repair: 10$ Cab ride to the movies, 80$ tire repair :banghead
Second Flat Tire: 200$ Tire replacement and a Cold :cry

Missing bolts: Free!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Missing bolts for the second time: 15$ for a set of five bolts :confused

So many great memories in Boston: priceless :thumbs

PS: Sounds like someone doesn't like me in that area... After four years, the cars had about twenty different key marks all-around... :nopity
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Had a similiar thing happen to my wifes car at work. keyed on both sides, and every other day a new mark. I sat in my car one morning across from my wifes car and caught this gay temp. walk past and take his key and whammo! I got him. Went up stairs to my wifes law firm and within one hour of showing the top brass the movie. He was walking out with his belongings. What satisfaction that was.

It seems he didn't like hearing my wife talk about her exploits on a phone near by and felt bad for me. Whammo!, there goes my wife walking out the front door of my house. Pretty stange way to find out your wife isn't playing by the rules.
Bye sweety!

O' yes I need to mention how nice my 20' Foose rims still are on my XLR. Knock on wood.

mahme said:
well, My story is not an XLR story but it's worth telling. Two years ago, around thanksgiving, I was in Cambridge, MA,
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Run flats

Here's my nail in the tire story.

I have a 2004 XLR, about 4600 miles and a year old.

4 weeks back, I was gassing up when I looked at the left rear tire and saw a nail (right in the edge of the tread). I checked the pressure and it was only a bit low so I drove on it.

I took it in and they said they couldn't fix it because of location. It was a Tire store, not Caddy, and they just raved about the car.

They ordered a new Michelin, I drove the car on the nail for another 3 days (since it had run flats), uintil the tire came in and was replaced.

I'm sold on run flats, didn't have to worry and could drive the XLR in the nice weather for those 3 days.
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Michelin XLR ZP Extended Mobility Warranty

Im glad you love your Michelin ZP Extended Mobility tires on your XLR. The only thing that would have made the situation even better, would have been going to your Cadillac dealer and having it covered under warranty.

I posted this months ago regarding one of my clients, Here it is once again.

I knew it would eventually happen, A client was driving to my office in a Thunder Gray roadster when he decided to play chicken with a huge pothole. He lost big time, on his DIC is said LR tire flat 55 mph maximum. He was concerned since he was on the highway, people were poining to the tire as he continued to drive the 45 miles to my office.

He called me a little worried, I told him to just drive normally and not to make any erratic lane changes. When he arrived I was shocked to see a 4" plus gash in the sidewall and the wheel was not resting on the ground.

I have told every client about the benefits of the ZP (Zero Pressure) tires and how the sidewall being 4 times thicker to support the weight, thus giving you the ability to drive 55mph for 125 miles. Besides the ability to be able continue driving, it was under warranty.

For those of you that your XLR sales executive didnt show you the Michelin tire warranty booklet inside your XLR portfolio you need to get it out. The XLR's tires is covered by a road hazard warranty, if your tire becomes unserviceable during the first two years of service or before 50% of the tread is worn whichever comes first, Michelin will replace the tire FREE OF CHARGE.

Thank You
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Called Dealer

I called the dealer and they tolds me that I had not "purchased" the coverage on the tires and that this road hazard damage was not covered.

Were they wrong?
Michelin ZP Tire Warranty Standard

I called the dealer and they tolds me that I had not "purchased" the coverage on the tires and that this road hazard damage was not covered.

Were they wrong?


There is NO charge for the warranty, it is standard in every XLR. Simply go to your blue & white Michelin Tire warranty booklet that was originally placed inside your black XLR Owners Portfolio.

The booklet is about 3" x 5" and about the 3rd page in it says"Whats covered"

ANY dealer that makes a comment like you did not purchase the tire warranty is a dealer that you should stay far far away from.

Thank you
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I'm with you Doc. What's wrong with these dealers anyway. It's not like it's out of their pockets. There obviously is NO service at the dealer MR XLR goes to.

Mr XLR said:
There is NO charge for the warranty, it is standard in every XLR.
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