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Forum members can select their own avatars by picking an image that is determined by the level of membership. (New members may be restricted to preselected avatars or no avatar at all, depending on the current settings for the new members group.)

The images selected should be in good taste. They should not include nudity or semi-nudity or any image that would be considered lewd, graphic, seductive or suggestive -- the same guidelines used to determine the appropriateness of any image posted on the Forum.

Moderators will try to be consistent in enforcing the Forum’s guidelines on avatar images, but will by necessity have to make subjective judgments. Their decisions will be final.

The Forum’s moderators and regional events coordinators will be allowed to use animated gifs in deference for their service to the Forum. Other Forum members should use JPGs for their avatars.

If you have any questions about the acceptability of an image as an avatar, just PM or e-mail any avatar for a review of the image.

"Member Names aka Screenname aka User Name aka name"

You may choose a wide array of names for your ID (aka "Screen Name", "username" or "name") on the forum. However, the following guidelines on name choice should be taken into consideration:

  • Your name should not be offensive or use offensive language, and should not be inflammatory
  • You should not choose a name that is a spelling variation of the moderators or administrator team, or other members in general.
  • You may NOT advertise competing websites or other websites in general for your name
  • If you have the potential to be a supporting vendor or dealer, BUT ARE NOT A SUPPORTING VENDOR/DEALER of this site, you may NOT use your name to generate interest in your products. You also may NOT use your name to make it obvious that you are a "dealer", "sales consultant", or a "vendor" or "product seller" of any kind. If you become a supporting vendor/dealer, you may change your name.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to change your name because of one of the above situations. You will be asked to what your name should be changed, and it will usually be clear as to why your name needs to be changed. Name changes are your choice as to whether they are voluntary or non-voluntary.
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