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IN 2 1/2 DAYS - 4200km OR 2625 MILES

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Hi, there,
once a year I have to make a big trip from Kitzingen/Germany to Alicante/Spain.
I could take a plain but I own good cars and like to drive.
For this trip, its one way 2050 km (1281 miles) I drove the other years with my Vette, my DTS and last november for the first time with my XLR.
I started monday nov 8 at 5.30 am arrived 8.12 same day in Torrevieja (30 miles behind Alicante) driving time was 14 hours. My eyes were red but I felt fine!
Tuesday nov 9 I did in the morning hours my business, what I was there for and at around 2 pm I start the way home.
But this time I stayed for one night at a Hotel in Lyon/France, so I made from Torrevieja to Lyon, thats 1200 km ( 750 miles ) start 2 pm arrived in Lyon 10.45 pm driving time was about 8 hours.
Wednesday nov 10 at 9 am I started the last trip fom Lyon to Kitzingen - 850 km
thats ( 530 miles) and I arrived at home 3.12 pm - driving time was about 5.45 hours.
The car was great in all ways and for this alltogether 42oo km (2625 miles) I had an avg fuel consumption of 12.6 liters/100 km thats 20.5mi/gallon. and avg speed of 153 km thats 95 miles.
After this trip my XLR was thirty as never before, the wheels were all black from the brake dust but the next day after cleaning it looked like new again.
Only thing I had to do was add a half quard of oil, but I did this with a big smile!!!
These new generation CADILLACS are great :flag


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It's those da$$ gas prices that killed him...........I guess a trust fund is just not what it used to be. :nopity
Trust fund baby...

Someone please clue me in. Why is Trust Fund Baby a "braggable stat"?

What honor is there in stupidly burning through money that someone else sweated blood to earn? It seems to me that smckullie exhibits the worst kind of pathetic behavior. He doesn't even know what he doesn't know...

Either that, or he is a pathological liar. Root word is pathos in either case.
aviator said:
He doesn't even know what he doesn't know...
I'll add my AMEN to that one!
81 - 83 of 83 Posts
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