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Improvements to '05's?

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I just wondered if any of the '05 XLR owners are experiencing the same problems as the '04's. Top sticking, squeeky brakes etc. or have they made some changes to resolve them?
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My XLR is over year old.

So far no problem what so ever, is it LUCK?. Never the less I am verry Happy with the car.

The only Problem i had is the ash tray situation, But i fixed that problem.

Never had to take it to the dealer.

Have a nice Day


I only have 800 miles on my 2005 but so far no problems. Must have had the top up and down 20 times and all is well. Also, have not heard the brakes yet nor do I have any heat problems with the center consol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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