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Ignition Switch errors

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My ignition swicth has developed a bad habit. About 25-30% of the time, when I rock it down in order to hsut off the engine, it goes into Accessory Mode. It then does not cut off when you open the door (as it says it should in the Manual, even if it is in Accessory Mode). You must rock the swtich again to get it to completely shut down.

Anyone else having this trouble?

I have not been able to find a common pattern when this occurs.
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Probably means your switch is bouncing. If you purposely hit that switch twice, you'll get the same effect. Basically there is no difference between hitting the left bottom or right bottom of the ignition switch. Both sides toggle between "off" and "accessory".

If you feel you are only pressing the bottom of the switch once, then you should see your dealer and have the switch tested.

I have been very careful for the last coupleof days and made sure I was dutifully pressing the switch so it would not accidentally push it twice or stutter when I push it.

It is still going to accessory as before.

Guess it will be on my list for the next trip to the dealer.
Another possibility is if your key fob is not detected. Does the DIC say something about off or run? Do you ever have trouble with key fob recognition?
No message

No, almost never get a Fob not Detected message. Only when the fob falls way down in my pocketon the left.

Have not seen that message when I get the "direct to ACC" function.

Have had the dealer look a couple of different times when the car has been in for other stuff, they say they can't reproduce the error.

It not terrible, but sometimes you hit is once, attempt to get out of the car and the radio continues, making you look and go back to hit the ignition off again.

Oh well.
I tried this and it was similar to what your describing, try it and see if it is the same. Start you car and then place your key fob far away, 20 ft or so. Then, turn the car off and see if your problem occurs.
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