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I saw the Black Raven XLR in Long Beach, CA

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I'm currently considering an XLR, however I'm inteested in the Xenon Blue color. I was told yesterday that the Blue will not be available until early January. Do you have any current info regarding that?

Miguel :banghead
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There may be someone in the forum who knows the answer to that question. However, most of us are either XLR owners, soon to be owners, or "virtual owners".

For the best answer you might try a Cadillac Personal Assistant. If you don't already have one, use the Cadillac web page ( Select the XLR option on the left. On the XLR page will be a "Select Personal Assistant" option. If you click on that you'll sign up for the Personal Assistant program.

The Personal Assistant is a person who works in the XLR program not some type of FAQ. I have found that all my questions are either answered right away or after a very short time if research is required. It may be the best program Cadillac has implemented to improve customer satisfaction. If anyone knows when "Xenon Blue" will be available, it will be them.

Also, when you get an answer please append so everyone else will know.
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Xenon Blue

I have been in contact with my personal; advisor and he tells me that originally there was a hold on Xenon Blue, however it has been lifted since before NM production:D
I have a black on its way. How did it look?:D

Black looks really good. I sat in one yesterday, at the local dealer. This car was black with a shale interior. Very sharp.:cool

I just learned from my advisor, that my Xenon Blue car is to be finished on Moday 10/20. I am getting excited.:party
What kind of a timeline have they given you? Ship date? Arrival at dealer?:party
They have not really given me a timeline yet. The advisor said he would update me on monday. Hopefully, then I will get more info.
I will be in Vegas the first week of November so I am sure with my luck they will call then and tell me that it is here.:banghead

But, at least now I have some idea that the car will be here soon.
I continue to get conflicting information. Company says they are at end of "special" inspection and getting ready to ship." Dealer says on the truck since Monday and on the way.

Who to believe:nodno
Spoke to my advisor today. I was told car is done and has to go through inspection. he said it would ship no later then next week.:D

I have not even bugged the dealer but the advisior said at that point the dealer will have better info then him as to when it should arrive.:cool
The $76,200 question is whether the dealer has received the invoice, which always preceeds delivery by about 10 days.
I believe the Xenon Blue color is available. I ordered one from my local dealer and it is scheduled to be built on 12/10
My dealer already received a blue xlr. There are pictures I posted somewhere here.
Blue XLR

I have a Red XLR on order, but the dealer called 3 weeks agoi and offered me a Blue that had just arrived. Obviously, they are available now.

Hi Folks,

I've not seen another NM XLR but I have seen only on other XLR in silver. My dealer has delivered 8 XLR's since his first that was our NM on 9/25/03.

So our great next generation ALLANTE's is moving forward at a pace greater than the the '87 Allante"
I saw a black one in person in the parking lot of a marina in New Jersey. I'll try not to overstate this, it was perhaps the most striking vehicle I've ever seen in my entire life. Top was up too.
I can't decide if I get more "looks" from people with the top up or top down. It's amazing how many people look at this car!
"Nice Car"

I seem to get more comments with the top down, but maybe that is becasue I can hear them.

I've had my Crimson Red for 3 months and have gotten more "nice car" comments (while driving, or in parking lots, etc) in these 3 months than I got in 13 years with my red corvette.
Eyedoc said:
I seem to get more comments with the top down, but maybe that is becasue I can hear them.

I've had my Crimson Red for 3 months and have gotten more "nice car" comments (while driving, or in parking lots, etc) in these 3 months than I got in 13 years with my red corvette.
Eyedoc - could not agree with you more!! I traded a yellow 2004 C5 Convertible Corvette in on the XLR last Saturday. I just 1 week of evening and weekend driving I received more comments about the car then 10 years of owning vettes. Its simply an outstanding looking automobile! That being said I also get alot of great comments about my Escalade ESV and EXT as well. Caddy makes great vehicles now and has some superb marketing as well (Led Zep)..... :cool
Rock & Roll

Led Zeppelin IV 1971

Its amazing (and a little wierd) that Cadillac decided to "update" their image with a 34 year old song from an album that was released when I was still a teenager.

Zep IV was their "Lord of the Rings" album, because of all the references to that Trilogy. I was such a huge fan of Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones that the release of this album inspired me to re-read JRR Tolkein's trilogy.

The only other album release that I remember so vividly was the Beatle's White Album. Everyone knows "Stairway to Heaven" , but do any of you guys remember "Goin to California" from that album?

Maybe Cadillac's selection of Zep's "Rock and Roll" from that album as their marketing "jingle" wasn't so strange after all....

Call me an old hippy...
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