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I canceled my Mercedes today.

Last February I ordered the new clk500 Cabriolet after I got rid of my '99 SL. I would have gotten the new SL but comfort just ain't there so I decided on the clk and loaded it up.

In November I decided I needed a "Toy" while I was waiting cuz being in South Florida I didn't want another season to go by without a convertible. It was 72 degrees and I could not take it!

I figured I would keep it til the Benz came and whatever it cost for those few months...well that's life.

Yesterday, I finally called the MB dealer and told them the news and how much I like the xlr.

They were "Shocked" I think when I told them the news. Been driving MB since 1979 and still have my 2001. But to cancel their car cuz I got an xlr........that rocked them back on their heals.

The "Grand Dame" has a new Princess waiting in the wings!

I did them a least when it happens again they won't be so shocked.

So now I am waiting to see if I get my $3k back. I probably will but who knows. If they want to lose my future business over $ be it. I have loads of choices of other MB dealers here and everywhere.


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I"m very glad to hear you like the XLR so much as to cancel an MB. That says a lot about the quality of the product.

I'm also glad to hear it since our XLR has been "born" but not shipped yet. It is always good to hear a little confirmation that XLRs are as good as they seem.

I guess you could now get a second XLR with the money you saved :D
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