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HUD vs. Dashboard Speedometer Issue?????

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I'm hoping a few of you can let me know if you are also seeing the issue I'm having in my XLR. I will state upfront that this is a very minor issue, but one I would like to have worked if it is unlike other XLRs.

Basically the question is, "During constant speed, does the analog dashboard speedometer match the digital speedometer on the HUD?". I understand that the dashboard speedometer is not really analog but only appears that way. That said, I'm very interested in your experiences at constant speeds (since the dashboard speedometer has some lag compared to the HUD's digits).

In my case, if I'm constantly going at 42MPH on the HUD speedometer, the dashboard will read 40MPH. This is fairly consistent at speeds greater than 10MPH.

Thanks for the help. Also, my apologies to anyone who hadn't noticed this before. Once you see it, you'll notice it all the time.
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I was riding up the road the other day enjoying the day and recalled this issue. So I decided that the best way to emulate the problem in my car was to set the cruise control on and monitor what happens--with and without distance control.

It is a vaild issue in my case as well but I do agree that it is not worth messing with.

I would assume that we all will receive updates when we go in for a future service.

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