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HUD Double-Image

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My 06 XLR-V has been in the shop twice to try to fix a double image thats occuring on the HUD... the dealer doesn't seem to be able to fix it, they've messed with the HUD and they've also replaced the windsheild (yes, replaced it) to try to fix the problem. No success.

Adjusting the HUD height, or brightness doesn't change it.

Moving my head left-to-right, or up-and-down does sometimes eliminate the ghosting but not without distorting the HUD image (tears so its no-longer square, but thats secondary to the fact that my head is in a completely uncomfortable position.)

Its a completely CLEAR image, there's just ghosting... photo below..

Does anyone else's HUD look like this? Am I over-reacting?

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I'm guessing that you're eyes aren't crossed...

Sometimes a mirror will show a slight second image due to reflection from the glass front as well as the silver back. Is there any chance that there is some treatment that is slightly reflective on your windshield inside or outside that is adding a ghost reflection?

Our head's up seems pretty clear compared to your photo but that may also be the nature of the photo. Maybe finding out how the projection of the display interacts with the windshield could provide a clue.

Slight Dbl. Image on HUD

It doesn't matter if you are driving a 2004 -2007 XLR or V series, you may see a slight dbl image on the HUD. This is a situation caused by the reflecting of the image from the projector in the dash. The original equipment windshied has a reflective property in the lower left corner for the HUD.

Most people dont notice the dbl image because you are usually looking into the distance and not actually at the numbers themselves. This issue is greatly enhanced for people that have had their windshields replaced with non HUD factory glass.

Thank you

This is my 2nd 2006 XLR-V. The first one didn't have this problem.

And when the windshield was replaced - it was replaced in order to FIX the double image problem... and it didn't make a difference.

The photo is not enhanced or an exaggeration - its literally a double image at all times.... and so aggrevating that at times I just turn the HUD off. Once again - my first car didn't have this issue.

So I'm guessing that everyone else doesn't have an image thats this bad?
I'm pretty sure there is also a glass over the HUD display as well... I'm surprised they didn't change that one first as it would be much cheaper than the windshield (worth at least $1.800).
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