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Would you order adaptive cruise control?

  • I'll take it if it's free.

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • I'll pay for it.

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • I don't want it.

    Votes: 1 12.5%

How many would want adaptive cruise control?

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The adaptive cruise control is going to be an option. It senses if you are too close to the car in front of you and slows you down to keep a safe distance?

While I like the idea in theory I'm not sure that I would like giving up that much control. I tend to like controlling the speed myself.

How many would want this option and be willing to pay for it?
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Adaptive cruise control would be good for me because I hate having to turn off the control entirely because someone in front of me is going 0.5 MPH slower, or else they aren't using cruise control and hover within a small range of speeds.

However, many people are too stupid to use it wisely and will wind up paying even less attention to the road.

It should be an option and I'd buy it if I had the cash.
I agree with sissors.

It should also be something that can be disabled.
I think it would be cool as long as you could override it :yesnod
I would like to have it just to say I did, there is really no other purpose to it, who here is to stupid to not know when they are too close to another car? I would hope no one:lol
I would still like to have it just to have all kinds of high tech goodies in my car, I might pay $5-700 for it. Not much more:cheers
:nono The more useless high-tech gadgets on a car mean more to go wrong with it. I've learned that lesson. I'll drive the car myself thank you, I trust my own judgment over a computers.

[QUOTEI think it would be cool as long as you could override it :yesnod [/QUOTE]
:party I think it'll be great for group outing it'll be easy to maintain your distance :thumbs

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Cruise control?

What's cruise control?

A bad sequel starring Sandra Bullock?
The cute girl with the clipboard on "Love Boat?"
The person up front with the map and the FRS?

Until the vehicle is ready to take the wheel, I'll keep my foot on the accelerator, thank you.

The basic problem I've always had with cruise control is that there's no place to put my right foot -- using cruise control is more uncomfortable and more tiring than using the accelerator.

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Re: Cruise control?

Jinx said:
What's cruise control?
hehe. I never use it either. I might just be a bit of a control freak, but I don't like taking my foot off of the gas pedal.
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