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I saw one source on the web that indicated well less than 1,000 V's were produced - - possibly only 500 or 600. Also, it indicated that 70% of the vehicles were Black Raven with the remainder evenly split between Inrared and Silver. If the latter is true, how studpid on the part of GM. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??

What's amazing is that even with these low production numbers the 06's are still readily available. I guess GM should be proud that they now have a six figure MSRP car, but too bad they can't sell them for anything close to that. In fact, their stupid price point policy turned off a lot of potential buyers and, as a result, backfired on the egos of those executives who totally mis-priced this car.

The XLR-V is a great vehicle, hopefully GM has the patience and understanding to not totally blow it in terms of how they price and (fail) to support it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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