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Honest Dealers

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Massey Cadillac/California -Wally McGolden 562-868-9931
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Casa de Cadillac - Sherman Oaks, CA, Greg Anderson, Manager
That's ironic, I felt their sales manager had no perception of true sales service by not recognizing that making a concerted effort in earning one's business takes alot more effort than telling their sales associate " It will take a boat load sized downpayment to lease this vehicle" then go back into their office! I felt that his arrogance was unacceptable and someone like that does not deserve my business! I purchased an Xenon Blue XLR from a cadillac dealership located 30 miles away! What ever happened to the "consumate sales professional"?!?!? R there any of us left??

Which of the two above dealers are you referring to?
Casa De Cadillac/ Sherman Oaks!!
I 2nd the motion on Casa. I spoke to them and then bought somehwere else.
Who did you talk to? Do you know the name or description?
XLR Dealer Experience

Hello Forum--

I am new to the forum as I have just agreed in principle toa purchase of an XLR in Chicago. I wanted to relay to the Forum that Steve Foley Cadillac (Allen) was very helpful in giving me information on purchasing an XLR. I'm happy to report that I bought my car from David Bruce Cadillac in Kankakee County. They were very helpful and fair and did all the work on the phone.

I hope to have my car by the weekend--

Allen was very helpful to me in providing information that was difficult to obtain from my dealer here in DC. Since I got my car a week ago, they have provided a much more enjoyable experience and are doing a good job after the initial fumble.

Wow, how did you get a car so fast, I had to wait 7 months.

Great job, Allen, you need to be getting a commission from all these other dealers you are heloing by proxy.

Casa De Cadillac was a waste of my time also.
Good DC area dealer

I forgot to mentiont the dealer I used - Lindsay Cadillac, Alexandria, VA. I think they are back on the good guy list now.
Thanks for the thoughts

I wanted to thank you both for the nice thoughts. I have always based my business on product knowledge & enthusiasm. Sure would I like to get 100 XLR's per year to be able to handle each & everyone that contacts me about an XLR, but with the current allocation system in place that wont happen.

Most of my clients are spread out from all areas of the country. Most know that I am straightforward and do not play any games. When ordering from me you know you will not pay over MSRP, as it is printed right on the unique XLR sales agreement. My clients get regular updates on the status of the XLR (my clients are now receiving photos of the look of the new 2005 Dk. Eucalyptus wood).

Again, my thoughts have always been that just because I may not have a car for a client, does that mean I wont spend the time to assisist them in purchasing their car, NO! but most do see how some(most) other dealers handle potential XLR owners. That is exactly the reason I have the number of clients come to me and order their roadster.

Thank You
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Performance Improvement

It might be useful for you to develop a training course that you could give to others at an Cadillac or GM meetings. Transfer your experience, technique and mentoring.

The "not so good" dealers, may just have not tried the enlightened way.

That's they way we try to improve performance in medicine.

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