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Found this amusing. Last Friday my XLR was park in the driveway with the Top Down. Garage door closed. I did not have the FOB on my person. Just for the fun of it I push the HomeLink button that is program to open the garage door. And much to my surprize the door open. Seems that the HomeLink is Alive all the time. So anyone walking by could push the button and get it the Garage or what ever elsa one may have program in the HomeLink.
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home link

I have found over the years that all of my GM vehicles have their HomeLink active all of the time while other brands of vehicles need the vehicle turned on or at least have the key turned to accessory.
Always On

I believe Allen mentioned in another string that in many cases the XLR is always on, not like in the old days of "you had to have the ingnition on or in accessory mode".

Wonder if Allen can proivide a list of functions that are "On" even when the FOB is not present.
Powered Up

Sorry EyeDoc that it has taken me so long to respond, I just came back from a little vacation up to Minnesota. I delivered 8 XLR's in the month of August and needed a break.

I will get back shortly on some sort of a list of features that do not turn off with the Battery Guard feature.

Thank You
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