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Hi guys. First time poster long time reader.
Just wanted to say "Hi" ;)

On a side note my Hubby is REAL excited about
this new IPO stock GRDX. They just started trading
this one like 2 days ago. It's already almost
doubled in just 2 days! My Husband is really
excited about this stock. Say's it could make us
some really BIG money. You guys should check it out.
Just spreading the wealth ;)
Go to
and check symbol : GRDX you will see how big the
growth is :) Let me know what you guys think ;)

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Thanks for the tip, but I already have the inside track.

I spoke with Martha Stewart this morning. I am investing heavily in Advanced Electronic Monitoring Systems will be all the rage once Martha begins sporting one of their models in public.

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Hot stock tip my...

...rosy red posterior.

:spam :spam :spam :spam

What is with these spammers anyway?

mswaim - further to a much earlier post, I finally got my fist around a Pacifico. Very nice. Thanks for the tip.
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