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how do they get a 6.8 ave when there are only 4 reviews and they are all 9.5-10??

mercades has a 10 ave and there are only 2 reviews.....both 10s

All tens from me, but it wouldn't let me put in a V for an 06, so I put one in for an XLR 06 and a 07 XLR-V. Didn't change the numbers at all.
Kobe has a 28.9 point average and he scores 35 points and his average doesn't move in the tenth bracket at all, Takes a few big games to make it move.
I Put In A Solid 10 Review. We Need More Of Our Guys To Help Out!!

Btw: It Was Interesting Tonote That Mercedes Is Offering Incentives.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts