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Headlight Removal

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Do any of you find folks know how to remove the headlights on the XLR. My lovely dealership changed them for me since the lenses were burnt but is totally incapable of getting them back in correctly. The gaskets look like they were installed by a four year old.

My service writer has informed me that "this is the best we can do."

Definitely not the expectation I had for the "flagship" of the GM lines...

Thank you for any help you can offer as well as any hints for getting these aligned properly when I install them.

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Within a few days after we purchased our then new '05 XLR one of the front turn signal lights failed. To replace it they had to remove the entire assembly which involved doing something from inside the wheel well. Anyway, the guys at our local Cadillac dealership had zero experience at doing this, but still did a very nice job of it including a perfectly aligned gasket when they were finished.

We definitely suggest you tell your dealership their answer is "unacceptable" and kick it up the line to the District Rep.

Best regards,
Ed and Sandra
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