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Have you seen another xlr on the road?

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Funny story....

The ONLY 2 xlr's that I have seen were on the same day.

I had never seen one in the flesh until I was on the way to the bank to get the certified check for the xlr.

Then......I saw my second one just 10 minutes later on the way BACK from the bank. Same intersection.

Both were in Platinum. One with the top up, one with the top down. To this day I don't know if they were one in the same or not.

My heart sank.......I thought I was going to start seeing as many of them as SL's and that would defeat the purpose.

The good/bad news, I have not seen an xlr since....for almost 2 months.

I can't wait to see one on the road so I can see what it looks like driving down the road behind it, in front of it, on the side of it.

I want to see how good it REALLLLLY looks.

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I have had my XLR since Nov. 2003 I have seen two on the road since I recieved mine. Both were parked at the time. One in a parking garage right be hind mine that didn't see till my wife called it to my attenetion. and the other parrked in front of a Mercedes dealership ... go figure..

I've yet to see one on the road... and I live in and drive around Los Angeles, car capital of the world (or so we'd like to think). My neighbor got a thunder grey one recently, but he doesn't drive it. he seems to prefer his Ranchero... go figure.
I'm from the East Coast car capital, Palm Beach, and haven't seen another one on the road yet!
Live north of the windy city--only seen 1 NM XLR on the road once thats it!
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