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Has anybody see one of these?

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I was out surfing the internet and I came across this did Cadillac ever produce this car?
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It's not a production car. That is the Cadillac Cien concept. You can read all about it on the Caddy site.
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That is just a concept, I read a few weeks ago that GM is concidering a limited production run, but doun't count on it. Maybe when the C6 comes out, they may go on a new car making spree, but not yet I don't think:cheers
No production

As cool as the Cadillac Cien is, it would be a mistake for Cadillac to produce it.

What they need is a faster delivery of the CTSv, a 400hp XLR for MY2005, and an STS V12 delivered on day one, not one or two model years after STS introduction.

If Cadillac could deliver the cars already in the pipe without delay and shed the GM conservatism that holds up performance models until they're irrelevent, they would have no need for a $120,000 halo sports car.

Very well written Jinx:cheers That is exactly right, pisses me off that GM has all these awsome cars but holds them back untill nobody cares anymore and then complains that they can't sell them:rolleyes
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