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Grille Gard

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Anyone else picked one of these up yet? I installed my brushed stainless model a few days ago. Very easy to install, fits like a glove and looks cool.

What's not to like? It also completely hides the hole in the stock plastic grille.

Excellent product.

Thanks Allen!
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Darth and all

Ok, mswaim, we see the new avatar is Darth Vader. But we can't really see what is to the right of ol' Darth... :glol

How 'bout your Governator, eh? Almost makes me want to go aout and buy a Hummer to replace my M-Class. Something American anyway!

Regarding the Grill Guard, I'm going to wait till I get the hole before I try to protect it. ;) I'm still tring to justify the Windbaffle, amigo.
Oh come on now, stick a crow-bar in that wallet of yours and pull out enough green to cover a Wind Baffle and Grille Gard.

Hehe, you like the new avatar? I used the same one when I posted over on the SVT Performance forum, 03 Cobra section.
its for the looks!

the stainless steel GG absolutely looks factory on my black xlr.
Mswaim can you post pictures and where you got the grill at? Thx
Grill Guard and other XLR Accessories


Get to know Allen "Mr. XLR" at he has a lot of very nice things for your car. He is also the one that sells the grill guard.
Go to his web page and look under Merchandise 1 & 2. :party
You will see him jump in on this forum from time to time and give us all the heads up on things we don't know about this car but wish we did. :thumbs

Also, he sometimes take requests.....If we all ask him nicely.... :grouphug

I will start one now.
Allen I wish you would make a Wind Baffel that looks like it belongs on our XLR's. I know you don't think they work but hay if we want one, it look great and we will pay who cares? Can you work on this one? Dr. Bob makes one but it doesn't "look" good enought for the XLR. I am sure you can make one that "looks" better. Maybe one made in a fine wire mesh.

Blaise :)
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nickkyle said:
Mswaim can you post pictures and where you got the grill at? Thx

I'll try and post a pic or two tomorrow, just got back from Carmel and I'm dodging trick-or-treaters who are beating a path to my door............

The NEW Deluxe Windbaffle is rich looking with its 50% thicker Lexan panel and refined mounting straps which can be color-coordinated to exactly match the rollbars/interior. Call 888-4-NO-WIND for details. Thanks
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