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Green Metallic NM XLR

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Normally I would not comment on an eBay sale, but this one is even more interesting than the Lexus dealer that is selling an XLR.

This is a Neiman Marcus edition XLR (#47 of 101) that has been re-painted metallic green. No kidding...

If anyone wants to see photos, I'll post the link:
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I can't help myself.

This has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.

Especially for a car you are just going to sell. WOW!
I'm thinking of a more severe synonym of stupid... (choose your preference idiotic or moronic)

On the other hand, now there are only 100 original NM XLRs. Reminds me of a song...

100 NM XLRs on the road, 100 XLRs, if one of those cars should happen to crash (or get painted), 99 NM XLRs on the road.

All together now...
One of us should ask the dealership for permission to re-publish the photos on this forum. Once the eBay auction is done the photos might disappear. We won't have any proof of the (hopefully) "unique" XLR.
(choose your preference idiotic or moronic)


Yup, MORON is my choice. lol

Oh, My lord of the dance!
A Green Metallic NM XLR?
Somebody has to be taking a bath on this car. The paint job had to of cost $10,000, that puts the cost of the once-NM car at $95,000.
I hadn't thought of that.

The ebay descriptions says no, but if you read the Business Week article, if a panel gets damaged, the whole panel gets replaced. Now, on the other hand, I don't see Cadillac being too well stocked on spare parts yet.
The other one I find "unusual" is #5 of 101, which now sports custom wheels and a purple (sorry, ultra-violet) engine cover. Why would anyone do that?
I have probably missed something along the way, but a VIN ending in 515 seems too high for a NM Edition. I would have thought the numbers on these cars were lower.
Just took a quick look on eBay. Nobody bid on the metallic green NM XLR and time has expired. The NM XLR with the custom wheels and purple engine cover is still available...
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