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GPS disk

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Every so often I receive a system response "system is checking the disk" when I press the microphone key and ask the system to "go home". Even after trying several times I receive the same system response. Only by removing the GPS DVD and reinserting it can I get the system to acknowledge my command.

Has anybody else experienced this anomaly? :banghead
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No, but it sounds like similar problems that any DVD's have. If can be a dirty/scratched/damaged disk, a dirty reader lens, or a bad reader.

Might try cleaning the disk or using one of the CD/DVD repair systems.
I have had the exact same problem and I also have to remove and replace the disc.
I have checked the surface of the DVD and have found no smudges or scratches, so I wonder if something else is occurring. This is extremely difficult to track down because it doesn't happen every time.
Does this occur if you try to use the system right after pressing the Agree button? If so wait 30 seconds to a minute then press the Agree button to see if it stills occurs? This help with my system.
Yes, that is when it happened most of the time. But after the first "system is checking the disk" I usually waited for at least a minute -- in one case maybe five minutes -- and I continued to receive the same reply. This was only fixed when I was stopped, put the car in park and removed the DVD and reinserted it.

Bill :banghead
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