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Golf Clubs

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I am seriously looking to buy a 2005 XLR. What is the story with the trunk? Can it hold a set of golf clubs?
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If it is a "carry bad" and not a huge "tour model", it will easily fit in the trunk (with the top up), or in the passenger seat (for top down driving). Even a reasonable tour model might fit in the trunk, I just don't have one anymore.

Option two is my preferred method, since it is definitiely important to "look good" when arriving at the course.

Hope this helps.
Golf Bags

Thanks for your help guys. I'm sold on the XLR.
Ex Beemerboy here

Although I'm not a golfer, my two bits is that you will not be disappointed with the trunk size top up. It is definitely bigger than either of the BMW 3 Series convertibles the we've owned. Even with the top down, there is room for a quick trip to the grocery store.

The real difference is the way the XLR handles, and the way everyone reacts when they see it. The XLR is still a very rare car on our roadways, and everyone's head seems to turn when they see it.

BMW makes very fine automobiles, and have for decades. The XLR Is not only a fine care, but also a SIGNIFICANT car. Why? Because it shows the world that the US can build a roadster that competes with anything the rest of the world can put on the road.

As a former BMW owner (I've had four - two 5s and two 3s), and a current Mercedes owner, I find the XLRs "freshness" stimulates me in a way the Euro iron never has. And for an old fart like me, I can use all the stimulation I can get! ;)

Order it, take a picture and post it here! These guys like Crimson Pearl. I like Xenon Blue.... :cheers
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Golf Bags

I currently drive a BMW M3 conv. I love the top down and the power but I am getting tired of the rough ride, the squeaks, and rattles. Last night I was stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour and a half with a 6 speed. I think at 51 it is time for a little luxury in my life. I also prefer Crimson Pearl.

Terry_Fiskin said:
I carry 2 reg bags all the time ---top up
I see you have an interest in photography. Why don't you post a photo or two and let us have a look at your XLR?

I hear you on the rough ride. At 45K miles our 330i convertible was squeaking too. I did get a great residual value when I sold it. At 53, I'm ready to trade the ML500 for an Escalade and have an All-Caddy garage! :seeya


Check out the SRX. I am thinking of trading in my Acura MDX for that.

It is a hot "little" SUV.
I bought my wife a SRX back in April. She absolutely loves it. Not a single problem with it. The six cylinder has plenty of power.
You guys have it made...

...I bought my WIFE the XLR for her birthday. I am relegated to driving the SUV.

Except today. Its Friday in mid August in Houston, Texas, It was 63degF when I woke up the morning, clear and low humidity. It is only supposed to get into the mid 80s today. This is the greatest August weather day in Houston history. It feels like late September.

My Bride left early this morning in her Jeep to do rounds at the hospital.

And left the XLR lonesome in the garage. There was a moment of weakness. >Sigh!< :glol What's a guy to do.....?

Regarding the potential "new" SUV, I need to be able to pull a 7000lb boat. My ML500 is a 300bhp V8, so power is no problem, but it's not really designed for that service.
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carry bag

I fit my carry bag in the trunk at all times with the top down. It is tight but it works. You will love the car. We are an all caddy family. I have the XLR, black and shale. Wife has a new escalade, outstanding, and we have the 8 cylinder srx with the sunroof. That car is awesome. great ride and lots of power.

good luck

The little compartment on the right side trunk is perfect for golf shoes too!!! My bag was a snug fit and my shoes didn't really fit nicely.. then I found the compartment.. it's great.
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