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aviator said:
I am the "gold package guy" to whom you are referring, and feel apologies are unnecessary for adding a personal preference to our Xenon Blue XLR. Pics of our XLR are on the link to the left. I happen to like the look of mswaim's cool wheels too. :thumbs

I also own a Everest Green Mercedes ML-500. No gold package there. Nor does she have customization of any kind. Also not much personality. Nor does she turn any heads.

You are obviously a purist of some sort. Can we see a photo of your XLR?

Character is what we do or say when no one is looking (or knows who we are).

Note: No front license plate!

PS: Gracias, amigos.
I happen to like what you did with the vehicle. You didn't over do it and it gives it a little more elegance to the overall look. Opinions are like butt holes: everybody has them. Keep the car and the looK! :iagree
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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