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"GM" and "Service" ? 2 worlds which can`t come together

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:cuss Hi Guys,
let me tell you a story from Switzerland: Last september, I bought a XLR. In Switzerland they charge 140 thousand Swissfrancs, that's the equivalent of about $ 120000.00. Everything works fine. I listen to my favorite radio station, and whenever a traffic message comes up, another radio station jumps in and delivers the message. Great. And nothing new so far. But totally new to me is the fact, that it does not show up in the nav system. Do you agree, that most people use the nav system most of the time to circumnavigate traffic jams (usually you know your way)? This does not work in this luxury car! Before the XLR I had the Eldorado and I installed for $ 1500 a nav system, which did all this, including all the warnings, (even warned me from fix installed radar sites).
After 1 month I have called my garage. They will have a look at it. In december I have called again. They will come up with a decision first week in January. Mid January I called again. They are studying the problem (oh, one answer was, I should drive in Germany, there it works !!!). 1st of March they called me again, there is a code, which must be unlocked....they are working on it. Still no solution.
Now, almost half a year hast passed. No solution. No excuse. No sorry about. No nothing.
This is the way, GM treats customers in Switzerland. I have never seen anything like this before. Although I must say, I never had such an expensive car before. Maybe on this level, this is the way it works. Mercedes slowly becomes a real alternative.
How would you in the U.S. act on such a lousy service? :cuss
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