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Just choose the 20g Ipod. Choose no for everything else. Then when it asks you to sign up for one thing. Apply for the GM credit card, or sign up for news week.

Thats it. They will mail you one in 2 weeks.

Worked for me, I needed a new credit card anyway.


I chose a portable DVD player and never received anything. When I called GM Credit card department, they said they knew nothing and where quite rude. They also gave me a GM Mastercard with a stupid $3,000 limit. I put that on one of my Visa's in a month, but I do pay it off every month. I did cancel the card.

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Don't you guys even think of telling my wife - all she needs is another chunk of plastic to carry around. Besides, a $3,000 credit limit would only leave her with the choice of buying the shoes or the purse..........not both.

She's the only woman I know of that has worn out an Amex Centurion card single-handedly.
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