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German Mock V-2

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Well, it had to happen, those Germans are great at making things. Here are 4 pics that Hans sent me in an E-mail and asked me to post. Sgt. Schultz hasn't figure out how to post yet.........he will.
Colonel Clink

The first V (mock) in Germany-----------I love it Hans

I wish I had my V wheels back (Chromed)

Hans is removing the Northstar badge and I hope the XLR badge on the fender-------to much going on.

NICE JOB HANS------The GM badge has to go
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Could you email me the picture that shows your pin stripe? I want to enlarge it to look at closer. I might do that to mine.
Thanks Hans for the photo's. Next mod, red pin stripe!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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