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Front license plate on Neiman Marcus edition

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I have a neiman marcus edition that came with the front license plate bracket installed by dealer in Ohio. I live in MI and MI does't require front plate is there anyway to remove bracket and fill holes They placed plate in middle of bumper.
They said they had to install it because ohio requires front plate.
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Front License Plate bracket

The dealer actually did the correct and legal thing. Like Ohio Illinois where my XLR dealer is located also requires the front bracket, as do almost 50% of the states.

I leave the bracket off the XLR as I do with the XM antenna until my client see's exactly how it will look with it on. I have only 2 clients that the front bracket has been installed. I tell them it is the law to have it on, but once they see how it looks THEY opt to keep it off.

In most states and it varies it is not a primary infraction so they usually will not pull you over for not having it on, but they have every right to give you a ticket for it if they pull you over for some thing else.

Your XLR dealers body men SHOULD be able to repair the 2 screw holes in the front bumper by filling it and then painting it.

Thank You
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While we are on the bracket thing, it is the one area of the XLRE that seems cheap.

The mounting into the bumper does not seem tight (it wiggles when you touch it, looks like it is flexing the bumper material).

Any hopes of a fix?

Having had a few run-ins with John Law in a red Corvette over the years (once got pulled over for having a validation sticker one month out of date from another state - was waiting for the mail), I don't want to take a chance. All of the jurisdiction around me require the front plate (VA, DC, MD), so it would stand out.

My motto, never give them a reason to pull you over, you nevber know what else they will try to come up with.
Front License Bracket


You are correct that the front bumper material does flex when you move the bracket. Unlike our old Eldorado design if you bumped it even the slightest the bracket would crack. This way there is absorption in the bracket. Since the bracket is not required in all states items like the front bracket will always be a much less priority than beauty and appearance, that is why there are no plans to change the design in the4 near future.

Thank You
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