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Front License Plate Location?

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I have a question into my Cadillac advisor and thought I'd "bookmark" it here so that I'll remember to append the answer later.

The question is, "Where does the front license plate go on an XLR?"

There doesn't seem to be any place to put the license plate that doesn't block the air intake. But, I'm sure someone at Cadillac knows the answer to this...
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Updated with new information (8/5/03)...

The front license plate will not be centered. It will be located on the left side (driver's side) of the XLR, attached to the front bumper.

The *unofficial* description of the location is to the left of the driver's side fog lamp. The left side of the plate would start below approximately the second to last vertical bar on the driver's side of the grill. The plate would not reach all the way to the fog lamp.

It is a little hard to describe the location with words, so I hope that gives an accurate picture.

(info changed in subsequent append)
I think the real answer should be: it will go no where. Most owners will simply pay the fine if they get a ticket for not having a front plate. Shame on the parking officer that would try to enforce having a front plate on such a beautiful car.
We can all register them in North Carolina. We only have one tag:party
Fortunately or unfortunately, some of us work on federal sites where the front license plate is required (last time I checked). The guards at the gate will be more than happy to point out the missing plate. I also believe my state requires it...
Florida doesn't require one either!!!:thumbs
Off center on bumper? Boy, does that sound ugly or what?:puke
Centered Front License Plate

Apparently the XLR design team must have been thinking the same thing we all have been...

So, the front license plate will now be centered. It will be fairly high on the front bumper to keep from blocking the air-flow into the Northstar (the intake scoop is centered below the bumper).

The license plate bracket will be invisible to normal viewing when a license plate is attached.

Hope that makes everyone feel a bit more comfortible. It certainly sounds much better to me.
If your state doesn't require a front tag, what would you put there to hide the ugly bracket area? The reason I ask is I purchased an '04' CTS that had the dealer logo tag on the front. When I got home with the car I took it off, but had to put it back on as the plate area was so ugly it actually looked better with the logo tag.

I thought maybe a front license plate cover would be provided with the car, but I guess not.
I had assumed that the front tag holder would be provided to the dealer and then the dealer would install it. I guess I assumed that because my last car had it done that way.

This may be one of those items that can be best answered by someone who gets a Neiman Marcus edition XLR.
Here are some more details on the front license plate installation:

Front license plates will only be installed by the dealers. Owners will have the option to install except in states that require a front plate.

The only scaring for front plate is that each XLR's front facia has two dimples to guide the installation process.

The XLRs are also now being shipped wrapped in transseal. This is to prevent any shipping damage.
Front License Plate Location

The bracket that should be in the luggage area, if you are from a state that requires a front bracket. I do know some times the bracket has been forgotten to be placed there.

They were in are 8 NM Editions I received with out a hitch. but the Black Raven I received today was missing the bracket, I just simply ordered it for the car.
I spent a few minutes staring at the front bumper trying to figure out where the license bracket goes, with no luck. I saw no dimples, nothing.

Maybe someone can upload a picture with of their front bumper with a plate, or at least the bracket, installed.
I'm told the "dimples" are extremely small so that they are not noticible when looking at the car casually. This also makes it a difficult item to photograph.

However, you may have better success reaching behind the bumper to find (or feel for) the dimples. Keep in mind the license plate is centered, so the dimples should be an equal horizontal distance on either side of the midpoint of the bumper. The intent of the dimples being behind the bumper was to allow for easier screw attachment from behind the bumper.

A brief description of how the plate is installed may also help. The bracket ends up behind the plate, so that the plate appears to be almost glued on. This way there is almost no framing around the plate which the XLR designers thought would compliment the vehicle better.

I hope that helps. If not please ask again. Unfortunately I don't have an XLR (yet) so I can't look at an example.
So you're saying the plate is centered not off to one side?

I was by the dealer on Saturday and we talked about the license location and he didn't know! He will find out though...
Yes, the front license plate is centered. If you check back around the 8/4/03 append, the XLR folks changed their collective minds and decided to make the front plate centered. In my humble opinion this was a good change.

Maybe I should have made a new thread since this one starts off by saying the plate is to one side??

Sorry if the thread misled you!
Three cheers to the first one who uploads a picture of a front license plate installed!
Front License Bracket

Front License Bracket instructions come with each bracket. The part number is 10300539. I will try to attach a pic of the card here.
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